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Recipe for Christmas

Recipe for Christmas

The ingredients for the cookies:

400 g of happiness,

150 g of sweetness,

An egg of goodness,

150 g of rhythm,

two teaspoons of madness,

0.5g of hope,

0.5g teaspoons of courage,

0,5g tsp strength,

150g of caresses,

a sachet of intelligence,

150g of lightness and a little solidarity to decorate the ready-made cookies.


Mix the happiness, the sweetness, an egg of goodness, the carelessness, the strength, the fun, the hope, the caresses and the intelligence. Knead everything and put in the refrigerator for an hour. With a rolling pin roll out half of the dough, on the table top covered with happiness, in a sheet about half a cm thick. With a stencil in the shape of a little man, he prints the cookies. Put them in the oven for eight minutes. Pour the solicitude into a bowl, Start whipping with an electric whisk and gradually incorporate the lightness with the help of a spoon. Transfer the glessa into a few disposable bags and cut out the tip creating a small hole and finally decorate the cookies.


Silvia De Simone
Silvia De Simone

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