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  Mother’s Day

  Mother’s Day


Lily ed Abbie si incontrano sulla strada per il centro commerciale

Abbie: Hi Lily, how are you? What are you doing?

Lily: I’m fine, thanks. I’m going  to the shopping malls to buy a present for my mum.

Abbie: Me too. Can I come along?

Lily: Yes, of course.

In un negozio del centro commerciale

Abbie: What  gift could we  buy for our mothers?

Lily: What about a raincoat? My mum loves them!

Abbie: No, my mum doesn’t like them, but she likes sweaters.

Lily: Erm…What about any boots?

Abbie: Yes,of course. My mother like them a lot.

Lily: Me,too. So, we can buy them.

Abbie: Yes, my mum will love them!

Lily: So, let’s go and pay them!


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Silvia De Simone
Silvia De Simone

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